NO BRAINER (jan. 28th, 2014)
‘Shores of Lake Erie’ 12″ preorders up & cassettes available now!
Confirmed for Garbage Daze in Calgary

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Preorders for our one sided 12″ EP, ‘Shores of Lake Erie,’ are up at . There’s 50 smoke grey and 50 white with a silkscreened b side which is tight. Hook it up and go grab one! You can also email kandykanerecords (at) gmail (dot)com for a cassette version to wet your whistle before the vinyl comes out. Those go for $6. They also got some of those CANCERS (member of Unfun / grunged out chill shit) demos up for sale, too!

We’re confirmed for Garbage Daze in Calgary first week of May. Line up includes mostly hardcore bands from the usa and Canada. But there’s also a tooonnn of awesome bands playing and the people at Spirit Mob are hooking it up fat! Calgary has and always will be a secret gem full of life and great people. Check out more info here

Talks about us hitting up the south east coast of the USA and cutting up to Chicago / MPLS way on through to Garbage Daze. But we’ll see how that works out. Just an idea for now. 

LOST CAUSE (dec. 1st, 2013)
New LP ‘Waterboarding’ finished recording 

You realize the shit we went through?

So we’re still in a haze and wondering what the hell we’re doing. We did however finish recording a full-length record in Squamish, BC to be out sometime in 2014 on 12″ vinyl. I think we all think it’s some of our best stuff! It’s dark with the weasel leads as per usual. With the band scattered across North America we don’t see any dates in the future for this band. It may be because this band is a curse or just a headache. It could’ve been you but it’s probably us.

Sorry to anyone that wanted to see us at the Fest 12 in Florida, we had to bail because of border and legal issues and let Sarah and No Idea know 6 weeks in advance. To people who set up shows for us in the south without confirming and we didn’t show up, we’re sorry. But, you need to confirm with any band that they’re coming before you set stuff up. Again, thanks for the hookup, no thanks for the flack.  

We’ve been receiving some hate mail about not getting a record or tape or something because you donated to our ‘crash fund.’ To be clear, UNFUN the band, never said they would send anything out. We also didn’t start the fundraisers. Thanks to everyone who helped and donated, but, UNFUN the band, never promised any merchandise to anyone. Some labels that put out some records by us might’ve and some people who set up the fundraising stuff might’ve but it has nothing to do with us. I’m sorry you were expecting a tape or 7″ or anything, but figure out where you saw that stuff and try to get ahold of them directly.    

We’re basically dead.

NO SNOW NO SHOW (aug 27, 2013)
Shows on the west coast confirmed

New record to be recorded in Squamish, BC

Looks like starting September 11th we will be starting to record a new full-length in Squamish, BC and playing some shows on the west coast. Super stoked about hanging again and we’re flying not driving most of the time, so that’s a bonus, if ya know what I mean. Shows listed below are for real.

September 14th – Oakland, CA @ Eli’s w/ oog nasty
Septmeber 15th – Seattle, WA @ The Victory w/ Murmurs and Siren Songs
Septmeber 16th – Vancouver, BC @ Alf Haus w/ Murmurs & Siren Songs

Look out for Siren Songs and Murmurs killing it on their west coast tour, now! Skin Colour is also doing some west coast shows so get hyped.

(jun. 10, 2013)
Coldsores USA/CAN tour upended in Indiana

Unfun playing the Fest 12 in Gainesville, FL

So, I think many of you have heard that we were in a fatal car wreck a month ago near Gary, IN. We lost our van and have bills piled high. If you haven’t donated and would like to, you can go to to help us out.

With that out of the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone else who has donated and helped us! It was way more than we could have expected and your love and support through this traumatic experience cannot go unheard. We’d also like to thank our families and friends for standing by us through such hard times and it was up in the air if we’d ever even hit the road again. I know most of us are feeling overwhelmed and fucked up still because that was some crazy fucking shit.

We are however going to playing the Fest 12 in Gainesville, FL this year. Not sure if we’re going to be doing a little east coast stint for this, or possibly some west coast shows and then fly down there or just flying down for the shows. Still up in the air.

Plans on going into The Hive (Burnaby, BC) at some point in the next couple months to record a full-length 14 song LP are now in the works and we are super excited about it!

‘Shores of Lake Erie’ 12″ep is scheduled now to be out in September.

Again, thanks for everything! We’ll hopefully see you all soon!

Coldsores USA/CAN spring tour dates confirmed  
Husker Du Tribute Compilation 7″ at pressing plant
Shores of Lake Erie EP to be mastered for one sided 12″ vinyl

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All the official confirmed dates for our spring tour our now up and three of us our meeting up in Montreal to jam for a week, play a show there and then head out to Calgary to pick up TJ. First official date of the Coldsores tour starts April 29th and running through on until May 24th stopping in Vancouver, BC at The Russian Hall in Strathcona.

Our new EP ‘Shores of Lake Erie’ will be sent soon to be mastered for its release on a one sided 12″ vinyl on Dead Broke Rekerds. For the time being we will have this recording on one side of a cassette for this upcoming tour.   

The Husker Du Tribute 7″ is at the pressing plant and should be out sometime in May or early June on Dead Broke and Drunken Sailor. There’s songs from Tenement, Bent Outta Shape, Unfun, Crowbait and more!

                                                                   COLDSORES USA/CAN SPRING TOUR 2013

                                                    April 20th – Montreal, QC

April 29th – Kamloops, BC @ LBH (no narx)
w/ Jerk Store | $7 | 8pm | AA

April 30th – Edmonton, AB @ DV8 (8307 99 St. NW)
w/ Choke-Outs | $10 | 9pm | 18+

May 1st – Calgary, AB @ Wonder Emporium (no narx)
w/ Grown-Ups | $5 | 7pm | AA

May 2nd – Saskatoon, SK @ The Sweat Lodge (no narx)
w/ tba | pwyc | 8pm | AA

May 3rd – Winnipeg, MB @ NGTVSPC ( 253 Princess St.)
w/ Cetascean | $5 | 8pm | AA

May 4th – Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium (226 Broadway Ave.)
w/ tba | $? | 8pm | AA

May 5th – Minneapolis, MN @ The Paradox (no narx)
w/ Serenghetto | $5 | 6pm | AA

May 6th – Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters (900 E Center St.)
w/ Serenghetto | pwyc | 7pm | 21+

May 7th – Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge (2200 N Milwaukee Ave.)
w/ Canadian Rifle & Serenghetto | $7 | 9pm | 21+

May 8th – Hammond, IN @ Fifth Dimension  (6729 Kennedy Ave.)
w/ Wide Angles & Like Bats | $6 | 8pm | 21+

May 9th – Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One (330 E Washington St.)
w/ Lipstick Homicide | $5 | 7pm | AA

May 10th – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge (946 Massachusettes Ave.)
W/ The Rackatees | $6 | 9pm| 21+

May 11th – Denton, TX @ Dave’s Fun Time Haus (no narx)
w/ Muhummad Ali & Occult Detective Club | $5 | 7pm | AA

May 12th – Austin, TX @ Little Tulsa (1908 E. 11th)
w/ Muhummad Ali | $5 | 3pm | AA

May 13th – Houston, TX
w/ Muhummad Ali

May 14th – San Antonio, TX @ 720 Menchaca Ave.
w/ Muhummad Ali & Discresions | $5 | 7pm | AA

May 15th – Midland, TX @ The Pinebox (510 S. Big Spring St.)
w/ tba | $5 | 7pm | AA

May 16th – Tempe, AZ @ Tempe Tavern (1810 E Apache Blvd.)
w/ Rumspringer | free! | 9pm | 21+

May 17th – Riverside, CA @ Kims (2994 Rubidoux Blvd)
w/ Turkish Techno | $5 | 9pm | 21+

May 18th – Oakland, CA @ The Pink String (no narx)
w/ Oog Nasty | pwyc | 7pm | AA

May 19th – San Francisco, CA

May 20th – Portland, OR @ The Ranch (no narx)
w/ Murmurs | pwyc | 7pm | AA

May 21st – Olympia, WA
w/ Murmurs

May 22nd – Seattle, WA @ Victory Lounge (433 Eastlake Ave. E)
w/ Murmurs | 9pm | $5 | 21+

May 23rd – Victoria, BC @ Copper Owl (1900 Douglas St.)
w/ Murmurs & Flagpolers | $8 | 8pm | 19+

May 24th – Vancouver, BC @ The Russian Hall (600 Campbell Ave.)
w/ Murmurs & The Rebel Spell | $7 | AA

WE ARE STILL ALIVE KINDA (feb. 10, 2013)

“Shores of Lake Erie” 12inch EP to be released late May on Dead Broke Rekerds
Coldsores 2013 Spring USA/CAN Tour


so, this is the way to get a ahold of us when you wanna get ahold of us or just see what the hell we’re doing as of late. we have a new one sided 12″ ep coming out on dead broke rekerds in the late spring that will follow with a usa tour with select canadian dates. clean kids will be handling the cassette version of this ep. we’re not sure if we will be supporting another band on our next trek or hitting the road by ourselves.

we have another 12 songs ready to go for the northwest solitude full-length which we will be hopefully recording at the end of march in long island.

heres the art/tracklisting for our new record and tentative may tour dates.
art done by the talented legs of east vancouver, bc!

all the secrets of the world
shores of lake erie
ghoulchild (bloodsucker)
nuclear son
Front CoverBack cover

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